Fab Furniture Flippin’ May Contest  Mod Podge “Garden Treasures”

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links.  I was provided product from Plaid to complete a project for this contest. All opinions are 100% my own.

This May was Mod Podge’s 50th anniversary and to celebrate the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest sponsor was Mod Podge!! Oh man do I love Mod Podge!! I use this stuff on so many projects of mine! From decoupaging fabric and paper to transferring images on ceramic, wood and more!  This month’s theme is “Garden Treasures”.  I received 2 different types of Mod Podge to complete this project.  One was a type meant for fabric or paper decoupage and the other was a hard coat meant to be used as a sealant.


Who knew there were so many types of Mod Podge?? I didn’t!

I had a tough time trying to decide what to makeover for this month’s contest. I finally decided to work on these 2 folding  chairs I had found on the curb a couple of years ago. They were sitting in my shed just begging for an update!

I thought these would be adorable with a little update of paint and decorative napkins decoupage on them! I could use them as extra seating on my deck!

First I cleaned them really well and used some paint I had leftover from another project I recently completed. I used Heirloom Traditions Paint in Cobblestone which is a light blueish gray.

Here they are! They look better already but they’re going to look even better with some Mod Podge decoupage!


I decided to decoupage pretty decorative napkins on the seats of the chairs. I bought these pretty napkins on Amazon. They are 3 ply napkins.

This is the underside of the napkin. Because they are 3 ply you need to remove the 2 other layers and only decoupage the top layer.

When you peel back at the edge, you will see the 2 layers and you’ll just peel them slowly off. Now you’re left with one layer. The top.

Here is the top layer.

Next, I used the Mod Podge intended for fabric and brushed it on the surface of the chair with a foam brush in the area of where the napkin will cover. I lay down the napkin and using a piece of clear plastic wrap I rub that over the napkin to minimize any creasing.

I didn’t really mind the creasing too much because I wanted the chairs to look a bit worn and distressed anyway.

Rub really well all over the napkin surface.

When it’s dry I used a sanding sponge on the edges to cleanly cut my edge of the napkin.

Don’t worry if there are some missing spots. Just repeat the same steps and let dry. The piece of napkin will blend in seamlessly.

After it dried I used the hard coat Mod Podge to seal it for outdoor use. I also thought it needed a little ageing and distressing so I used some Minwax special dark wax to give it a little patina and make it look more aged.

Here they are all done! They look so adorable on my deck! Now I have some pretty extra seating next time I have a party!


On another note, and not furniture related, I used Mod Podge to do a paper transfer on this terra cotta pot! Here is a link for the tutorial: Shabby Roses Baby Plaque

I just love the aged, old look I achieved!






Before and After!! Go check out Mod Podge online or at your local craft store and see what you can create!


FFFC - main graphic (updated 4.4.17) (1).png


 If you are an active, furniture flippin’ blogger, and you’d like to participate in future contests, please contact: info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.com.



5 responses to “Fab Furniture Flippin’ May Contest  Mod Podge “Garden Treasures””

  1. These are simply adorable. Using the botanical napkins was genius!


  2. Love the new look and the napkin print is just gorgeous!


  3. This is so pretty. I wondered how you would get the napkin on since it is so lightweight. Thanks for the tip.


  4. Great looking chairs. I am not talented along these lines and you are even inspiring me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so sweet Nadine! Thanks so much!


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