Red Cabinet Redo


This is a little cabinet I painted for a good friend of mine. It was a family heirloom but it needed some love and attention.  She wanted it painted in something dramatic and she thought that a deep Chinese Red would be just the thing. It was missing some trim work and wood detail here and there, the hinges were falling off and their were some cracks in the doors.  Before I could even get ready to paint I had to do the repair work.


I set about using wood filler to fill in any of the areas that were missing veneer or trim work. I filled in the cracks also along the edges of the doors.  I sanded well all over after it dried thoroughly and then primed using Bin Primer.




I used a sample pot of Sherwin Williams Positive Red and some Plaster of Paris to make my own DIY Chalk Paint.  I use a couple of tablespoons and a bit of water and stir it together and then add about a cup of paint.  This piece needed quite a few coats to get full coverage because I didn’t tint my primer. Lesson learned.; -)  I let the piece dry well in between each coat of paint.



I sprayed all the hardware and the hinges in Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.


I finished the piece using Minwax clear wax and then used the same wax mixed with a bit of Rustoleum’s Kona stain to make my own DIY dark wax.  I brushed it on first and then used my shop towels to wipe off the excess leaving some behind in the cracks and crevices.



Here you can see some of the detail of the wax in the corners and the edges of the detail.


I love the way this piece came out! It is so much fun to paint with such a bold color! Can’t wait to do it again! Do you think you could do such a bold color in your home? Try it! It might just be the pop of color you need to spice things up in your decorating scheme!


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