Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest: Pure & Original

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I just recently joined the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest group on Facebook and luckily I got to join and participate in their April Contest sponsored by Pure & Original  Classico Paint! I was so excited to try out this fabulous brand of paint! The April theme is Pure Colors, Original Elegance.  I was able to order 2 quarts of any color so I chose Aged Paper and Green Room.

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April Graphic


What’s so wonderful about this Pure & Original Classico Paint, is that it’s 100% mineral chalk and water based paint.  The colors are deeply pigmented and the texture is very thick, no sealant is needed even for outdoor use!  It also comes in over 118 colors.





So this was the sorry state of affairs when I came upon this little kitchen table on the side of the road. I made it just in time, I could hear the garbage truck rounding the corner! It was in pretty good structural shape, but not so much in the surface shape. I knew that I wanted a chippy, distressed, weathered, elegant farmhouse feel and I had a feeling that Pure & Original  Classico paint was the perfect paint to achieve that finish!





I quickly grabbed it and brought it home where I gave it a thorough cleaning and scrubbing. It was pretty disgusting. It had layers of old peeling paint in various states of decay and wear, but I knew I could use this to my advantage. I had wanted to convey a shabby, farmhouse chippy finish anyway so I knew this could work in my favor.


I used Citristrip to take off the many layers of paint off the top and then I used my palm sander to get off the rest. I wanted to keep the top wood. I wanted to try to just oil the top and keep it  a light color, but it had a lot of burn marks on it, so I decided to use a few coats of  Rustoleum’s Kona stain on the top instead.  Thankfully, that really covered the top well, and you can hardly see the marks.


If you notice the blue color,  on the photo above, that was the original color of the  paint.  It didn’t look like the color I had ordered but I was undeterred! I used some spring green tint to darken the color to get more of a jadeite green color and it worked out perfectly! The paint covered in one coat!  Even over all those other coats of god knows what on there! The adhesion is supreme. This table had a lot of coats of peeling, chipped paint on it and when I used the Pure & Original Classico over it, it stuck like glue, and  had a very matte, velvety texture.



This is the packaging by the way…gorgeous and professional!




This is the can of the second quart I ordered, Aged Paper. I got this color because I wanted to use this as a layer over the green color to give the feeling that the table had been weathered and  worn and maybe used as a potting bench/farm table over the years. It worked  like a charm!




This is the end result! Look at this finish! I am so in love with this piece! This is exactly the feeling I wanted to get on this table. I brushed on the Aged Paper color  after I had done 2 coats of the green, and then heavily distressed at the edges and a bit on the flat areas.  The texture is like butter now. The paint feels like velvet!










The detail on this picture shows how the Pure & Original Classico Paint distresses so easily and professionally.  Even though there are many other old layers on there, the Pure & Original covers so well and really looks like its been there for centuries! Just the look I wanted! I just used a soft sanding sponge to take the edges down and the flat areas too.



I used a small amount of  Minwax Jacobean brown stain over the paint with a rag and then wiped it off just to give it more of an aged and antiqued feel.  I left the stain in the cracks and crevices.






You can see the layers of the black and the white and wood underneath.





If you’re an active furniture flippin’ blogger and you’e  interested in participating in this amazing monthly contest email: info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.com

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23 responses to “Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest: Pure & Original”

  1. I’ve been waiting to see that baby since I first saw the teaser on IG! It’s simply perfect. The paint matches the style completely. Nice job and what a great save! So glad it didn’t end up in a landfill.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH Tamara! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Yes, I am so happy with how it turned out too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely makeover. I love the colors and the distressing. Love the styling, too. Susie from The Chelsea Project

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Susie! I really appreciate it!!


  3. I too have been wondering what your piece looked like when I saw the teaser. Love the patina you created with the distressing of all of the layers. Your styling is gorgeous also!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lucy! Thank you so much! ☺️


  4. Gorgeous colors. I’m in love with the patina you created! From a heap pile to a treasure. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Robin!! I love yours too!!


    2. Thanks so much Robin! A true trash to treasure!


  5. So wonderful that you were able to save this one from the landfill, and I’m visiting on Earth Day which makes it all to perfect. Love the layered distressed look you achieved, added a time worn elegance!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!


  6. I love all the color layering and distressing you did. great job on this flip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Letitia!


  7. I love how you rescued this from the garbage – I’ve done the same thing and am amazed at how a little paint changes a piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Val! I agree, I love a good before and after 😉Paint changes everything!


  8. What a great find! You did a amazing job on the table it turned out gorgeous! I love the dark stain on top with the paint and the way you distressed it. I’ve tried the chippy distressed weathered look but so far mine doesn’t turn out like I want. After reading your technique I will have to give it another try.


    1. Thank you so much! I think it’s just trial and error lots of times for me as well! Thankfully I had a lot of texture with the other coats of paint underneath. That definitely helped. Good luck with your piece!!


  9. I love this table!! It totally looks like a potting bench, and you’ve staged and photographed it perfectly. What a transformation. Take care, Cynthia

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cynthia! Thanks so much for your kind words! I really love how it came out too!


  10. I would have sworn I had already commented here, but I’m not seeing it. So here it is. I love this. I haven’t had a chance to do something really distressed with this paint yet. Yours looks beautiful and I’m inspired.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Karen!! Thanks so much for your kind comments!! I am in love with yours as well!! You’ve inspired me!


  11. Roseann D'Elia Avatar
    Roseann D’Elia

    just amazing! I love following you. If you ever decide to give classes….I’m in!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HI Roseann! Woo hoo! Thank you for following me! It means so much! Lol, I’ll keep you posted on those classes!


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