Andrews and Lockhart Bench

This bench had belonged to a girlfriend of mine and was crying out for a redo! For $10 I brought it home and gave it a new life!

Again, I used my own white chalk paint recipe, probably 2-3 coats.  I painted a grain sack stripe in red along the top,  and then I distressed it just at the edges and on the front.  To paint the grain sack I just used some painters tape and kind of eyed it where I would like it to go. I used an artists brush to paint the red paint on. I used an acrylic paint I had from another project I used.

This is the piece with just the chalk paint and after I distressed it. I was kind of tempted to leave it as is, but I had downloaded a great typography graphic from the website The Graphics Fairy. She has so many wonderful images on there that are copyright free and you can use them on your own projects!!


I used Valspar’s translucent color glaze in Mocha to give an even more aged appearance to the trunk. I brushed it on and then wiped it off with a clean rag. I let it collect in the corners and in the grooves of the squares in the front.

After the images and the glaze had been applied!


Image from Graphics Fairy


I used an overhead projector to project the image onto the trunk.  I copy the image from the website and then I go to Staples and I have them make me an acetate so I can use it on the overhead projector.  I trace the outline of the image on to the piece and then I go back in with a fine brush and usually acrylic paint, in this case black and I fill in the image and the lettering.

So this is the final product!
I  forgot to add that I also used a laurel wreath stencil on the front of the trunk that I also got from The Graphics Fairy.  Once the image is thoroughly dry I apply the glaze with a brush and then wipe off with a rag.  I waxed the entire piece with Johnson’s paste wax and buffed to a shine.


I love how this piece came out! Let me know what you think!

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