Driftwood Finish Dining Table

Another neighbor to the rescue! His sister was getting rid of this gorgeous refractory dining table which unfortunately had a bit of damage to the top.  The piece has three veneer panels and one of them had bad water damage.  The table opened up to reveal two leaves on either side. And look at those ball and claw feet! To die for!
I was thinking about painting the top of the table because of the damage,  but I really wanted to preserve the beauty of the wood. As I started sanding it down, it revealed a beautiful wood grain beneath all the layers of lacquer.  I decided to replace the damaged veneer with a new piece, the only problem was it didn’t match the other two existing pieces that weren’t damaged.


I cut the piece of  veneer to fit in the old spot using my jigsaw.  I attached it using small brad nails and some wood glue.


I decided to use Minwax stain in Classic Gray to make the top totally seamless and uniform.  This way, it would hide the fact that the replacement veneer was a different color.  I just rubbed it on and it turned out beautifully!

The bottom was painted in white homemade chalk paint.  I lightly distressed the ball and claw feet.  I think by painting the base, it really brings out the lines of the piece and the details on the legs and feet.
I applied 3-4 coats of  an oil based polyurethane to the top to make sure there would be enough protection. I also used it on the base as well.  I sanded down after each coat to give it a seamless finish,
My son’s 2nd grade teacher ended up buying this from me!! She paired it with rattan chairs and it looks unbelievable! What a transformation!

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