French Cane Back Dining Chairs

I had found these old unwanted dining chairs and wanted to try and do something really unique with them.  I cleaned them, took off the old disgusting fabric and went to work.  I mixed up some homemade chalk paint by using plaster of Paris and a little water and adding it to the paint. This was just a white paint that I had lying around from another project.  


The before…the lines were great on these chairs, I knew the caning would look amazing painted.
After painting them white, I dry brushed a light gray over them to give the, a timeworn, antique French feel.  Then, using my sander I went to town on sanding all the edges.
I went on my computer and printed out the numbers and letters in the font that I liked, then I used a craypas crayon to color the back of the paper giving me in essence a carbon copy. Then I taped the image onto the area I wanted and traced with a red ball point pen. This lets the color from the craypas show through on to the chair.
Then I took black paint and I filled in the tracing! Every chair had a different number.
When the chairs were all complete I waxed them with Johnson’s paste wax and buffed them to give them protection.




I finally covered the chairs with drop cloth that I had prewashed.








4 responses to “French Cane Back Dining Chairs”

  1. Fabulous makeover on these chairs – all those details came alive with the white and gray wash. Pinning to share!


    1. Thank you thank you!! Yes!! These chairs were one of my favorites too!!😉


  2. You turned outdated chairs into chic French gorgeousness. I just love your work!


    1. Lucy, thank you so much!! Those chairs were a labor of love I tell you! I love them too


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