Faux Grain Sack Nightstands

These maple nightstands were desperately in need of some vintage modern touches!
I decided to paint them in a color similar to Annie Sloan’s Paris Gray, using my own method of making chalk paint. 
I always use paint that is in a matte or a flat finish so there is no sheen. I use plaster of paris and a little water and I mix it in to the paint very thoroughly.  

After painting them, I taped out a stripe pattern on the nightstands. I used a latex paint in a color similar to Annie Sloan’s French Linen.  
I used some baskets from Ikea to add to the openings.  

I lightly distressed the edges to give it a farmhouse, timeworn feel. 

I finally waxed the entire piece with Johnson’s paste wax to give it protection.  I polyurethaned the top with Minwax’s Polycrylic in a satin finish so it would be more durable.


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