Faux Grain Sack Nightstands

These maple nightstands were desperately in need of some vintage modern touches!
I decided to paint them in a color similar to Annie Sloan’s Paris Gray, using my own method of making chalk paint. 
I always use paint that is in a matte or a flat finish so there is no sheen. I use plaster of paris and a little water and I mix it in to the paint very thoroughly.  

After painting them, I taped out a stripe pattern on the nightstands. I used a latex paint in a color similar to Annie Sloan’s French Linen.  
I used some baskets from Ikea to add to the openings.  

I lightly distressed the edges to give it a farmhouse, timeworn feel. 

I finally waxed the entire piece with Johnson’s paste wax to give it protection.  I polyurethaned the top with Minwax’s Polycrylic in a satin finish so it would be more durable.


Cedar hope chest after

I used  a flat white paint and some acrylic paint in Camel. Then I brushed on an antiquing glaze and wiped off the excess. 

I blew up the monogram on my computer and after scribbling on the back of the sheet with a cray-pas I traced the outline and then filled in with black acrylic paint.

I used Briwax to protect it and done!


Cedar Hope Chest

A friend found this piece in a dumpster! The outside was a horror but the inside was pristine. We hauled it out and I brought it home. The veneer was coming up in places, but I figured once I glued it down and it was painted it would be ok,

I was wrong. The veneer started to crack and pull up even more after I painted it, so  I sprayed all the veneer with water and put down wet towels thinking it would just loosen the glue and pull up easily. It didn’t. 

I used my iron to heat up the wet towels on top of the veneer. It sort of started to heat the glue from the veneer, but it took a good hour and a half to get it all off. Ugh.

I tried a heat gun too, but the iron ended up working the best. The front of the chest had veneer on it as well, but the hot iron didn’t even work on that one. I had to use a hammer and chisel! 

I gouged the heck out of it, so I used wood filler to fill all the nicks and divets I made.

All I need to do now is prime and paint it. Stay tuned!