Papillon End Table

Take a look at this pretty little table someone found for me! Isn’t the shape gorgeous? Except for being a little wobbly and some peeling veneer on the top, I knew this piece had a lot of potential.

I thought I would do a distressed white with some kind of graphic in the middle.  I went to the Graphics Fairy website and downloaded a lovely butterfly graphic with french typography.
After repairing the veneer and reaffixing the legs better, I went to work on painting it.  I used my homemade chalk paint recipe for the body. I found some flat ceiling paint I had leftover from another project.  Then I distressed the edges.
I mixed up some gray chalk paint for the inside square and then used the graphic.
After I print out the image/graphic/typography, I use a cray-pas to color over the back of the entire image.  Then I turn the image right side up and use a red ballpoint pen to trace the outline of the image on top of wherever I’d like it to go.  After you take it off, you get a beautiful reproduction of the outline. Now, is the fun part, the painting.  I use acrylic paint watered down or cut with a little floetrol or extender. 
      I used Johson’s Paste Wax to protect it.

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